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5:30 PM, Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Location: Applied Control Engineering – Newark, DEDirections:
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Topic: Calibration Best Practices – Optimal Testing Parameters

Many calibration technicians follow long-established procedures at their facility that have not evolved with instrumentation technology. Years ago, maintaining a performance specification of ±1% of span was difficult, but today’s instrumentation can easily exceed that level on an annual basis. In some instances, technicians are using old test equipment that does not meet new technology specifications. <more 
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2019 Control Process Automation Hall of Fame: Nicholas Sands

Our first 2019 inductee is Nicholas Sands, senior manufacturing technology fellow, global alarm management leader, and process control engineer, DuPont Safety and Construction.
Wilmington Section President 2003 more

The 15th Annual Shrimp Boil was a great success, weather was great,
good crowd we all had a good time.
The Famous Wilmington Section SHRIMP BOIL
5:30 PM, Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Location: Applied Control Engineering – Newark, DE
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The Shrimp Are Running Scared!
Can it be? Is it time once again to gather around the 80 quart pot and cook up pounds of shrimp? YOU BET IT IS! Mark your calendars for Tuesday April 23rd when the annual Wilmington ISA Shrimp Boil kicks off.
This event is our most popular of the year! I don’t know if it is the tremendous food, the on tap brew or the socializing, but I know you all really enjoy it, so it will be great to see you all again!
We are lucky to have The Shrimp Master Joe Gunn and his new trusty sidekick Dave Dezzi preparing the vittles for us once again.
Several partner suppliers will also be in attendance. Stop by and say hey to these generous sponsors.
See you at the Boil.
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Angela Holowka
WISA Program Chair
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