Joint WISA/IEEE Meeting
Time 5:30 PM, Thursday, January 30, 2014
Location: Del Tech Newark Campus
Title: Virtualization for Industrial Applications

Speaker: Frank Hill (Industrial Automation Business Development, Stratus Technology)

One of the most discussed topics in the Process/Manufacturing sectors these days is Virtualzation. Please join us for this informative meeting and find out what it is all about!

Abstract: Virtualization has dramatically changed how computer infrastructure is deployed, managed, and maintained. In the enterprise IT space virtualization is already used extensively. In 2013 over 65% of applications are being deployed on a virtualized infrastructure. Today, virtualization is rapidly being adopted for industrial automation. This session will describe server virtualization and the many benefits that industrial customers are getting. The software and hardware requirements will be covered including HA clustering and fault-tolerant servers. An example project will show how hardware sizing is done.

Biography: Frank Hill is the Director of Manufacturing Business Development for Stratus Technologies. Mr. Hill has an extensive manufacturing industry background. Prior to joining Stratus, Mr. Hill led MES business development at Wyeth, Merck & Co., and AstraZeneca for Rockwell Automation. He has also worked in manufacturing leadership at Merck & Company. Mr. Hill has both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration degree from Brigham Young University. He is a frequent speaker and commentator on technology-enabled manufacturing solutions.